How to Tease your Girlfriend

If a couple has been together for a long time, it’s hard to keep each other interested at certain points. Teasing, however, is a way to give your partner something to look forward to. Make her realize that there is still something left in the relationship to rekindle. On the other hand, a few guys would even tease girls they have just started dating. In this case, make sure that you draw a fine line between a playful and an annoying tease. One would make your significant other blush, while the other would eventually help you take a slap on your face.


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    Compliment her, but make her blush. How is this possible?

    Start over by exaggerating the good things about her. For instance, if you are complimenting her hair, grab a camera, take a picture and tell her you will send it to a magazine. These small compliments will make her realize how much you still love her and would definitely make her smile while she blushes.

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    Getting slightly physical, and not getting entirely drawn into it are two different things. It’s just like a show opener with the audience leaving right before the main event. If you know her for a long time and she doesn’t mind you touching her, caressing her would act as a perfect tease. Run your fingers softly up her arm, but don’t make her realize that you wanted it. Tell her how the fabric used in her clothes is extremely soft and you like to touch it.

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    Pass on perverted comments, but this only works if you know the girl for a very long time. If you are trying to get to know her, this is definitely not how you should tease her. She will end up feeling disgusted by your presence. Passing perverted comments would mean that you spark up a sleazy message rather than giving away everything. For instance, throw her things down so she picks them up and tell her how you like it when she bends over.

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    Having fun is the key to the whole teasing business. If she isn’t having fun and you are, you are just not doing it right. The whole point of doing this is to make her laugh and blush. Try to remain in your boundaries.

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    In case you think you have overdone something, start backpedaling. This is absolutely necessary. Apologize to her for making her uncomfortable and tell her that you were only teasing her and will not do it again.

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