How to Deal With an Annoying Friend

While making friends, most of us do not consider the strengths and weaknesses of the other person and let the relation develop naturally. While we all love our friends, sometimes a friend starts to annoy you for one reason or the other. Such a situation can be a result of your own state of mind or because of something going on in your friend’s life. There are many immature people who end their friendship in such scenarios; however, it is extremely important to be wise in this situation and handle things appropriately.


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    Take some time out

    If you feel that you are being continuously annoyed by a friend, it is highly recommended that you take a break from the relation. By staying away from your friend for a couple of weeks, you will realise his/her importance in your life. Take it normally because every relation goes through ups and downs. It is highly likely that it is just a phase in your friendship and things will be back to normal within a few days.

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    Be patient in your reaction

    If you are getting annoyed by your friend regularly, you should have enough control to resist giving an emotional and angry response. Just be patient and try to observe why your friend is behaving in such a manner. A spontaneous response is likely to hamper your relation with your friend and will worsen the situation.

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    Communicate with the friend

    It is always important to communicate openly with your friends about your feelings. If you are getting annoyed by a specific behaviour or a habit of your friend, you should talk to him/her calmly and express your feelings. However, your choice of words should not be harsh. Your tone should be such that your friend does not get offended.

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    Avoid excessive communication

    Having exhausted all your options, if your friend still does not change his attitude, you should limit your communication with that friend. It is better to talk less to a friend than to end the friendship in a bitter manner.

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    Understand the psyche of your friend

    Some people are hard to deal with unless or until you understand their mentality. If you do not handle someone in the appropriate manner, which varies from person to person, he/she will most probably start to annoy you.

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