Best way to react when your boyfriend pays for everything

Is your boyfriend paying for everything? Well it’s a good sign of a man however you don’t want to come across as someone that enjoys him paying for everything, you need to look like you respect his decision to treat his woman right however there are many factors and steps you need to take, we have summarized it down below for you to easily consume.

I have a friend who doesn’t really care if her boyfriend pays for everything and she goes out of her way to make sure he does.  She doesn’t mind being called different names but in reality, who pays, should be a two way street.  You want to make sure you build a relationship that is more than just money.

Read down below what to do when your boyfriend pays for everything.


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    Give it some thought: How do you really feel about him paying

    Does it make you feel comfortable? Or do you feel the opposite.

    Do you feel a sense of burden every time he pays? The same type of burden when someone lends you money… Some people feel this way, so that would be normal.

    Do you get worried about his financial situation every time you go out that he has to splash out double for everything? Could this be a possible reason why you haven’t asked to go with him on vacation? Quite possibly.

    Do you ever think he thinks you’re poor that is the reason why he offers to always pay? Nobody can blame you for having such a thought.

    Or maybe you feel he pays to brag about it? Maybe? Okay.

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    Take action and speak out

    Don’t just sit back and nod your head each and every time, once in a while is fine… however if it becomes a habit then you must ask to split the bill or offer to pay the whole thing even if that doesn’t resolve the issue then you must tell your boyfriend that you would also like to pay once in a while… something like “fine you can pay this once but just promise I will get the next bill”

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    1 for 1

    So he paid for your Dinner on Saturday? The next dinner is on Monday… well I guess it’s your time to pay – return the favor by paying for his the following time you meet up.

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    Being appreciative

    The above… it goes a long way even if you insist and he buys the most you can do is show that you appreciate it rather than showing a sloppy face as you’re lucky you have a boyfriend that actually wants to treat you.

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