How to Fix a Relationship After an Alcohol Relapse

Alcoholism is one of the most troublesome aspects of the modern society.

Alcohol is easy to consume, and can temporarily relieve you of all the worries. But, in actuality, it is a demon which grows gradually and you need to consume more and more to satisfy its urge.

Alcohol can be considered analogous to sugar.

When you consume sugar, your body produces a storage hormone – insulin. The more sugar you intake, more will be the amount of insulin your body will produce, and once you decide to leave it completely, your body will not be able to regulate the insulin production. The result is that you will turn towards other alternatives like overeating, smoking etc to get relief.

The main point here is that once you decided to abandon an addiction, your body struggles to cope up and such is the intensity of the urge, that there is always a chance of you reverting back.

In case of alcohol, this relapse can literally destroy the best thing in your life – your support system, including family and friends. Although it is not easy to fix the broken trust of your loved ones, after you relapse from a alcohol treatment, still there are certain ways through which you can at least try.


  • 1

    Vow not to consume again

    Although initially the people who care for you will be so incensed that they will not care whether you take more alcohol or not, you have to make a pact with yourself that under no circumstances will you ever consume alcohol. Get rid of all the means through which you can access alcohol.

  • 2

    Join a counselling session

    Loneliness will be the major feeling you will experience after a relapse, and on your own, there won’t be much you can think about to fix the broken relationships. It is therefore helpful to seek expert advice. Join one or two counselling sessions and open up about you problems. There is a good chance that other people suffering from the same problem might be able to help you out.

  • 3

    Go out of way to win back the loved ones

    While it is very difficult for you to fight alcoholism alone, test yourself by making trust winning gestures towards your relatives. That is something which has to be done, or else you will be left alone.

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