How to Get Others to Accept Your New Attitude

We all function as part of the society to which we belong, and are naturally dependent on each other for a variety of worldly needs. In order to effectively face and handle society, everybody adopts certain attitudes and behaviours which define their personality. These behaviours keep changing with the passage of time, and as we move through various phases in life, we end up making a lot of amendments to our attitude, to comply with our own changing mindset, and/or to deal with the different situations we face.

However, while they are at times inevitable, sudden changes in attitude can lead to a number of confusions or misunderstandings, and can easily spoil an individual’s relationships with other people. If you decide that you want to change your attitude and adopt a new one, there are a number of things you will need to keep in mind, in order to get others to easily and readily accept it without being alarmed or offended.


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    Always be your natural self

    If you are being fake, or trying too hard, people will easily see through your new attitude, and you might end up becoming a joke. Therefore, it is always recommended that you never pretend to be someone you clearly are not. Always be your original self, do and say whatever comes naturally to you, and be happy about your own special identity. However, this does not mean that you do not need to improve your personality, or eradicate the flaws in your character. Whenever you decide to add to or subtract from your attitude, you will need to inculcate this change into your personality slowly.

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    Think before you adopt a new attitude

    If you are fed up of being annoyed by others and want to change your attitude, you must thoroughly reflect on your personality first, and determine what exactly it is that is making you want to make a change. If you think deeply, and find a valid reason which prompts you to make a change, it is most likely that others will naturally accept your new attitude, owing to its genuine nature.

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    Counter bullying

    If someone is bullying you at work or school, you must change your meek and submissive attitude, and confront that person in order to make sure that such an act is not repeated in the future. This sudden change of attitude will be seen as a justifiable reaction to the treatment you were suffering from, and everybody will accept it as positive. In order to drive the point home, you can also file an official complaint, which will help everyone see you in a new light.

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    Always be humble

    If you keep both feet on the ground all the times, you should not have to work too hard to make people accept your new attitude - as long as you are humble and likable, people are not likely to have a problem accepting your new attitude. Never be arrogant or rude to anyone; you should be friendly, optimistic, and always make an effort to have a smile on your face.

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    Be consistent

    Dealing with someone whose behaviour is inconsistent and constantly changing can be exceedingly annoying. Whatever your attitude, make sure you stick to it, and do not decide to adopt a new attitude everyday - this will make it impossible for anyone to accept you or take you seriously. Adopting a new attitude for a couple of days, and then reverting to your old one is not going to work.

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