Top 10 Ways to Make More Friends

Life would have been really dull if we did not have friends to share the joys of life with. There are so many things that one can do with friends such as talking, playing, gossiping, sharing grief, etc. They indeed are the next best thing after family.

Making new friends may be easy for some people, but a lot of people struggle to expand their social circle. This, however, is not an unsolvable issue. There are so many ways in which a person can meet new people and become friends with them.


  • 1

    Join a socialising network

    Joining a socialising network such as Facebook and Twitter allows you to meet new people from the comfort of your house. You will not have any trouble becoming friends with people who share your interests or develop a liking for your cyber personality.

  • 2

    Join a gym

    Joining a gym is not only going to help you to remain in shape, but will also allow you to socialise with fellow gym members. Running into the same people every day greatly increases the probability of you becoming friends with them.

  • 3


    You will get to meet new people if you volunteer yourself into various programmes. You can join these programmes at school or university, or if you are an adult, then NGOs, etc. can be an ideal place to achieve the goal of expanding your circle of friends.

  • 4

    Avoid gossiping

    Gossiping is a common activity and literally every two out of four people do this. However, this is not a very respectable thing to do and will make people dislike you. If you want to make yourself likeable, stay away from gossip.

  • 5

    Say “Hello”

    Saying hello to people that you pass in the streets, co-workers or school mates will get you noticed, while also make you come off as really friendly.

  • 6

    Join your favourite activity class

    We all have certain interests and hobbies. By joining your favourite activity class, you will get yourself surrounded by people who share your interest, which will consequently increase your chances of meeting compatible people thus increasing your friend circle.

  • 7

    Talk and listen

    Communication is one of the best and most effective ways of making new friends. When you find yourself sitting with a friendly person, try to hold a conversation. Remember to listen patiently while they are talking. Everyone loves to be heard.

  • 8

    Hold a get-together

    Holding a get-together will allow you to strengthen your bond with your friends. Plan a movie night or pyjama party at your house and just have fun while spending time together.

  • 9

    Remember your acquaintances

    We run into a lot of people on daily bases, majority of who are not our friends even though we are really nice and polite to them. Converting these people into friends is easy. Try spending more time with them and make it obvious that you like spending time around them.

  • 10

    Value your old friends

    While there is absolutely no harm in making new friends, forgetting old friends or ignoring them is one of the worst things that a person can do to and with himself. Continue to meet up with your old friends and rekindling your friendship with them.

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