How to Stay Faithful in a Relationship

Being faithful is an attribute that often eludes humanity whether in a relationship or work.  The ultimate test of any relationship is being faithful for a long time, and the growing rate of divorces and break ups in almost every society, pretty much indicates the declining value of this attribute. There could be many reasons for that, not only cheating, and one should always try to give his/her best for preserving it. This article will describe some ways of staying faithful in a relationship.


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    Avoiding temptation is very crucial if you are to remain faithful with the other person in your life. It is often when a crisis happens that faith is tested.

    For instance, a man losing his job could possibly result in the wife looking for newer pastures and she would do that if she has an opportunity. However, this can be avoided if the couple talks to eachother about the problems that have arrived due to the crisis.

    When two people don’t open up much towards eachother following a crisis, it creates a barrier which might not be bridged if it persists.

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    Long working hours, raising kids and other responsibilities mean that couples don’t get a lot of time for eachother. This means that distances grow as both sides fail to express their resentment or gratitude. This emotional breakdown could result in either one or both of the involved parties approaching other people and taking them as their confidante, which could jeopardise a relationship.

    Seeking emotional advice and support from a third persons smells of trouble so it is better to take your chances with each other rather than going for someone who might even use your situation to his or her benefit.

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    The worst thing about all of us is that our expectations of each other are sometimes totally unrealistic and even childish. There is no such thing as a quick fix mechanism so everyone needs to realise that things have to be sorted out gradually, just like they started falling apart gradually.

    When in a relationship, it is natural to have some level of expectations. However, these expectations should be realistic, meaning that they should be limited to the capacity of the other person.

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    The most important thing is to never lose hope. If you think that things are not working out, give eachother a chance rather than making a hasty decision which you might regret later on.

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