How to Teach Your Husband to Cook

Some of the greatest chefs in this world are men. If you have watched TV lately, you would have surely come across shows such as Top Chef and therefore would be well aware of just how good men are at cooking.

Are you concerned that your husband does not know how to cook even though more and more men are beginning to share this responsibility with their wives? Fortunately, the only thing that you need to worry about is getting your husband interested in cooking, because once you do that, it will be pretty easy to teach him to cook. Of course, you will have to be extremely patient and supportive as he learns and sharpens his cooking skills.


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    Start off by involving your husband in the entire process of cooking. This includes listing down the ingredients that will be required to cook the dish. Make your husband sit with you and explain to him what each ingredient does and why it is important to put it in the dish. Becoming aware of the important and effect of each ingredient will make it easier for him to memorise the ingredients. Take him to the grocery store and have him help you pick the ingredients from the shelves.

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    Once you have all the ingredients in the kitchen, have him join you there and start off by teaching him the basics. Instead of overwhelming him with information, explain one thing at a time. Tell him how to choose between the different knives to cut, slice or peel the ingredients. Teach him the proper way to interpret the information in the cook-book and understand the recipes. Explain the purpose of the different utensils such as pans, skillets, etc.

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    On the first day, help your husband prepare something very simple, like a sandwich for instance. This will involve a knife, a few utensils and arrangement of ingredients. Going for something as simple as a sandwich will help him to warm up in the kitchen.

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    In the days that follow, gradually introduce him to more advanced dishes. Be there by his side at all times to help him in case he finds himself confused about which ingredient to add, which utensil to use, etc. Remember, you are helping him learn, not punishing him. Therefore, be as supportive as you can.

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    Teach your husband to prepare salad, which should not prove to be too hard for him to learn if he has learnt to use the knife properly. He will just need to learn which vegetables and fruits to use as ingredients.

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    Keep him updated about his progress instead of waiting for a few days before letting him know where his cooking stands. If he is learning at a good pace, compliment him to give him encouragement and motivation.

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