How to Avoid Information Overload

Every day, the human brain has to digest a lot of information in different mediums such as visual, audio, text and so on. TV, computer, phone and advertising fill our minds with endless streams of data. Consequently, our brain is overloaded with the flood of information and finds it difficult to intelligently analyse everything and make the right decision at the correct time. The simultaneous and frequent use of modern devices leads to information overload.

Information overload is a well-known curse in our time as people, who fill their brains with excessive information, may develop different disorders such as constant headaches, insomnia, nausea, loss of sleep and loss of appetite etc. Such a disorder occurs when a person thinks on several tasks at once for a long time, keeps in mind a large number of information, tracks a large amount of visual information and wants to quickly process the incoming data into information upon receiving it.


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    The main tool to defragment your mind is meditation as it can greatly help you in getting rid of this disorder. Sit and clear your mind of all the complexities of life and the massive amounts of information that is bombarding your brain.

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    The second and most easily accessible way is to read classic literature. If you can spend at least an hour to read foreign classics every day, you can relax your brain.

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    The same goes for classical music. Spare time to listen to Mozart or any other classic form of music. This activity will not only please you but also be very useful. It is said that the music of Mozart, can raise the intellectual level of children and is beneficial for adults. If classical music is not your thing, then you can use any other type of music to soothe your senses.

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    You need to learn how to focus on one thing if you are suffering from this disorder. First of all, try to understand that it is not necessary to grasp all information at once. The second thing to do is to practice focusing on only one selected idea at a time. Even if you think of so many good ideas every day, you rarely transform these ideas. Thus, focus on one thing that you want to learn. Work hard to ensure that it has become a habit in your life.

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    Field trips or any other holiday is also very good in helping you out in getting rid of information overload.

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    Make a plan and write necessary things that are needed to be done on an urgent basis and try to act on a daily plan. It is highly recommended to make and read a list, containing your targets and goals in life.

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    Avoid watching too much television.

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