How to Handle Haters and Jealous People

One of the greatest misfortunes of life is that there are too many haters and jealous people and very few people who actually care. Whatever you do and if you are successful in it, there will be people looking to hate on you and call you names behind your back most of the times. Mostly, these people are jealous of your achievements and know that they cannot do what you have done so they stick to what they do best – hating and simmering whenever someone has something good to say about you. However, it is better to avoid such kind of people.


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    If you have a major fan following on you tube and every video that you post, get tons of views and comments, it is only natural that there will be people leaving comments on your video ranging from how you look, how you talk and how you dress up. You will also come across a very rare breed of such people which you can call creative haters. From their sad little minds, they will make things up, Well you do not have to worry about it if there are a few haters saying things to you, Just do a few things that will act as your king fu, power-punch, roundhouse kick.

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    Try working out on a formula called the Hater-Ratio formula. For instance, if you are good at something and are famous for that, make a mental list of the number of people who like you for what you are doing and of those who are just simmering because of your success. For instance, if you see that your latest YouTube video has 10000 likes and 10 dislikes, in your next video, talk about that video and those people who disliked it by saying something corny. For instance, you can say that people who hated the video had too much time to waste I guess.

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    Never react in a harsh way towards haters as that will open the door for them to show their hate towards you even more. If someone says something really degrading to you, use your words rather than your hands and feet. If the hater isn’t stopping, it is better that you end the conversation by saying something like that you don’t have time for arguments with someone who has too much time to waste.

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    The sooner you stop trying to please every other person, the happier you will become so don’t expect everyone to like what you do.

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