How to Transcend & Transform Conflict

The basic purpose of the ‘transcend method’ is to prevent violence and solve conflicts through healthy dialogue. If you are able to understand the root cause of a conflict, you will be in a much better position to get over it. A conflict can be transformed only if the goals of the conflicting parties are transcended and replaced by other goals.

This theory is basically extracted from different religions like Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Daoism. No conflict can be resolved until or unless both the parties are equally interested. The transcend method uses the self-sustaining process to bring the conflicting parties together.


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    Redefine the situation

    There are a number of massive conflicts in the current world, which have been hampering millions of lives since decades. The world powers have failed to solve those conflicts because the parties do not deviate from their original stances and are extremely stubborn.

    If the two parties are sincere in their effort to resolve a conflict, they should redefine the whole situation, making it plausible for everyone. This however, appears to be quite simple but one has to be extremely creative and convincing to redefine a conflict. It requires thorough home work and unbiased information about the topic.

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    Include all the parties

    At times, there are more than two parties involved in a conflict. Unless you involve all the stakeholders, you will never be able to find a sustainable solution to the problem. A roadmap to solve any problem can be found if all the players are on board.

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    There must be multiple steps of a healthy dialogue. Begin lightly, with all the parties expressing their points of view about the conflict and the proposed solution. All the parties have to adopt a flexible approach and they should be ready to back-off one step from their stance. During the initial stage of a dialogue process, it is highly recommended that you bring all the parties to the commonalities they share. Set a positive tone for the dialogue process and avoid any harshness. The goals, which have been identified, must be acceptable for everyone.

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    Avoid manipulation

    Honesty has to prevail if you are keen to solve a conflict. Be truthful, even if it is not liked by someone. Any kind of manipulation must be discouraged.

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