How to Get a Guy to Propose

Making a decision to marry someone becomes extremely difficult if you don’t know whether the guy is right for you or not. This decision requires a lot of time for any girl in the world since commitment comes with its own pros and cons. A few girls might end up taking this decision in a hurry since they are afraid that they might remain single for the rest of their lives. However, one should know that marriage is not an answer to loneliness. Marriage should only come into picture with a guy who also thinks the same way about you. Only then you can take steps which will make him fall in love with you and eventually propose to you. Off course you can do your bit to encourage those feelings.


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    You should understand the fact that the guy who you want to propose should already be in a relationship with you. If the two of you haven’t dated each other, you cannot really force him to love you to an extent that he ends up on his knees to ask your hand in marriage. Become friends with him and make him realize that you are the special someone. Only after dating will he realize that whether you are the girl he wants to settle down with or not.

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    Once the two of you start dating, keep reminding him how the two of you are also friends. Share all his problems with him. Make him realize that you are the only person he is comfortable talk with. A man would only spend the rest of his life with a girl who he is comfortable talking to. Be that girl, and he is yours.

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    Correct his mistakes, but don’t forget to give him his personal space. A few girls might end up disrupting a guy’s whole routine by asking too many questions. Guys like their own space. However, if they make a mistake and admit it, try to reach out and help them redeem it in the best way possible. A man would see a life partner in a woman who accepts his mistakes.

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    Do not bore him with your company. Make sure that you are with him whenever he needs you, and you are mostly fun to be with. After a hefty routine, a guy wouldn’t want to spend his time with your problems.

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    Make sure that you fulfil his physical needs. Guys are not only in it for an emotional bond. Therefore, you need to give him what he wants, but make sure that you don't over stretch it to the limit where you don't want it, but he does. At that point in time, you are the only one sacrificing.

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