How to make someone happy

Making someone happy leaves a feeling of satisfaction inside you. Therefore, if you want to feel satisfied or happy yourself, try making other people or a special someone happy. It will definitely make you feel good.

There is nothing quite as rewarding as seeing your loved ones i.e. friends, family, relatives, being happy because of you. Simply follow these few simple steps and notice how others are going to be happy because of you and how they will start spending more time with you.


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    Start off by saying “thank you” to people who you believe deserve it. These people can be anyone. You can start of by saying thank you to your parents since they have always been there for you; or your teachers, who have helped you out in tough times; or maybe your friends or siblings who have always stood by you. Just give them a hug whenever you find time and say thank you for always being there.

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    Start spending time with people who you are close to. Nothing will make others who care about you happier than your presence. Just be there for them. Listen to what they have to say. Just take out time from your busy schedule and give them the time you believe they deserve.

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    Always remember: little things in life do matter. For instance, if you have a girlfriend/boyfriend, simply drop them a text or an e-mail and let them know whenever you are thinking about them. This will bring a smile to their face. Moreover, you can always let your co-workers know that you love them by buying them coffee during work. These things seem foolish but they do matter to others.

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    Making other people laugh is the key to their happiness. Crack jokes. Improve your sense of humour. Always know that everyone loves a bit of laughter every day. Just be upbeat and positive around the people you care about. This will bring a smile to their face.

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    Always have a close ear to whatever the others have to say. A good listener is always a person who can keep others happy. Keep asking them questions regarding the story they tell you. This will make them realize that you are interested.

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    Always uphold the promises you keep. You should never break those promises. If you have promised your parents you will do a certain chore, do it. If you asked someone that you will take them out for dinner, don’t forget it. If you think you will forget something, always set reminders in your phone or computer.

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