Easiest way to dump your boyfriend

If you think you’re having a tough time to think about dumping your boyfriend then lets just confirm that most women will feel exactly the same way you are feeling, just remember you must come up with the final conclusion… it cannot be half an answer as chances are you’ll be questioned and it is best that you have the answer to the questions like “Why” well… the typical answer to this would be that he may not be treating you the way you want or the love is fading out by the day REMEMBER nobody can force you to be in a relationship this is completely your choice to let him go, do not feel obliged one it you must stay firm.

If the person however is very good and you really cannot think of a reason to dismiss them as your boyfriend then you will need to be honest and tell them your feelings aren’t as strong as they used to be… once you’ve said what you had to say don’t stay around long as you may cause hurt.

Below are the clear steps:


  • 1

    Do NOT hesitate –

    Hesitation is a sign that you’re not confident to let go, once the other person sees you’re hesitant… breaking up will become very difficult, you’ll probably get apologies for whatever they have been accused for and you’re back into a relationship.

  • 2

    Practice the punch line

    In fact practice the whole thing if you have to, just make sure when you’re coming out right that you be as clear as possible without over speaking and confusing your current boyfriend

  • 3

    Pick the correct moment

    Obviously if you realize that he is currently going through hurdles in his life then that would not be the correct time as it will most likely come crashing down on you, if you feel you still need to dump him during this period then make sure you have a friend or 2 besides you if you feel you need to… otherwise being alone would be the best option as you don’t want to embarrass him in front of his friends/your friends by dumping him.

  • 4

    Explain your reasoning

    As it says above, be clear and make sure you explain inside/out do not give him a chance to give interfere and make your reasoning carry less weight- you’ve made your choice and you’re not going back!

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