How to Deal With a Parent\’s Death

The relationship between a parent and a child is without a doubt one of the  strongest and most important bonds in this world. You open your eyes in the laps of your father and mother, and learn the dynamics of this world under the beautiful shelter of their protection, which keeps you safe from all the miseries and problems that might be plaguing the outside world. Even after you grow up and move forward in the world, the comfort of your parents’ embrace is something you always return to.

Unfortunately, most of us realize the importance of our parents only when we lose them forever. People who live the most part of their lives with their parents should be thankful to God for this blessing, as there are many who lose one of their parents (or both in some cases) at a very early age.

Whenever the terrible event does occur, dealing with a parent’s death is an extremely difficult thing to do, and no one can understand what it feels like unless they have been through a similar situation. While the event is bound to make even the bravest person feel helpless, there are a number of  things you can do when attempting to deal with a parent’s death.


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    Consider it God’s will

    You must remember that every single creature in this universe has to taste death sooner or later. If one of your parents has died, consider it God’s will, and find peace in this belief. Make sure the event does not adversely affect your professional or personal life; remember that life has to move on at any cost, even if you have just faced an unbearable loss.

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    Avoid going into depression

    A parent’s death can send even the strongest, most stoic individual into a crippling bout of depression. However, you must show strength of  character at this difficult phase of your life, and not let the circumstance break you from the inside.

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    Console your siblings and other parent

    One of the worst attitudes that people can adopt in such circumstances is to behave selfishly. If you have brothers and sisters, and if your other parent is still living, remember that they are all going through the same emotional pain you are suffering, and that they require your moral support. Your family has to be your utmost priority at this stage, and consoling them should be far more important than indulging in your own grief.

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    Pray for the soul of your deceased parent

    Pray to God for the soul of your deceased parent, and ask others to do the same. Try to visit the grave of your parent regularly, at least once a week, as this activity will grant you inner peace.

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    Do not forcefully stop your tears

    Allowing your tears to flow freely will help you feel relieved and relaxed. Do not stop yourself from crying if you really want to, as this will only lead to repression and could make you mentally and/or physically ill.

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