How to Recongize the Signs of a Troubled Relationship

Maintaining healthy and smooth relationships has become more difficult with the passage of time, even though we are living in a world of communication and interacting with your partner or spouse is not hard at all. In a romantic affair, it is absolutely normal to have ups and downs; however, if the downs start to dominate the proceedings, you should realize that there maybe a few things you two need to figure out.

If you are aware of the signs of a troubled relationship, you have a better chance of avoiding a tragic situation like parting ways with someone you love dearly.


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    Loss of trust

    Trust is the cornerstone of every relation and if a couple loses faith in each other, it is definitely a big sign that things are going in the wrong direction. As soon as you realize that your partner is losing trust in you, talk it out and try to fix it.

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    Are you past your best?

    Always be hopeful and optimistic about your future life. If either of you feel you are past your best, things will start going downhill. If you feel such, it is recommended that you make efforts to rekindle the spirit and believe that the best is yet to come.

    You also need to consider whether you are giving your partner due care and attention. Sometimes, when a relationship gets old, partners start taking each other for granted, which further pushes them apart.

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    Moods and attitudes

    If you or your partner feel cranky and snap at each other over small things, it is a sign that there is pent up frustration regarding something. When you live together for a long time, it is quite natural to get irritated by the other person’s behaviour at times. However, if this attitude becomes the norm, you have to take steps to rebuild your relation.

    In such a scenario, it is often recommended that you guys take a little break. Spend few days away from each other and try to realise the importance of your partner.

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    Hard to feel excited

    If you stop feeling excited about meeting your partner or spouse, you are definitely on the wrong path. While it is natural to feel bored at times, especially in old relationships, you and your partner have a duty to work towards enriching the relationship and making it stronger.

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