How to Get Revenge on Anyone

Many of us are eager to seek revenge against anyone who has done bad to you. There are many ways to get revenge. The best revenge is by showing kindness and character to the person who is guilty. If you are unwilling to go this way, there are a whole lot of other options.

You can use legal action against the person or you can simply ignore him so that he gets to know the extent of the pain he has caused you. The most important thing is to stay calm and not take a step that you may regret.


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    Revenge with kindness

    The best revenge is to show kindness to the person who has inflicted pain on you. Try to be extra kind and helpful to that person so that he realises what mistakes he has done. You can prove your point by being kind. Try to taunt the person and refer to the mistakes he has done in the past so that he feels guilty and is sorry for what he has done.

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    Use a legal path

    If you do not want to face the person and negotiate with him or her, you can always take the legal way. But for that you must have all the necessary evidence to justify your case. Make sure you have all the records in case of a fraud or a debt that was never paid back. Gather all the documents and consult your lawyer for any progress on the case.

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    Ignore the person

    Ignorance can be the best and the only option for you. If you constantly follow the person and get back to him or her, you may be going after a lost cause. You can make them feel worthless and make it known to them that their presence does not affect you.

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    Carry on with your life

    The best thing is to get back to your life and carry in with your daily routine. This will help you in getting over the stress from your past so that things get back to normal.

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    Never help the person even if in need

    Revenge would be to never help that person if he or she is in need any time in their life. This will give you inner peace and satisfaction.

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