How to do Small Talk with Strangers

All of us come across certain situations in our day to day life when we have to communicate with strangers. It may be a business meeting, a wedding ceremony or a social gathering where manners dictate that you have a polite conversation with a friend of a friend for instance. If you are an extrovert, you may not find it hard to adjust and initiate a conversation. However, for an introvert, it can become a real challenge to hold a healthy conversation with a stranger. Nevertheless, following a few simple tips, you can easily escape an awkward situation with a smile on your face.


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    Introduce yourself

    You should initially introduce yourself to a stranger and ask for his or her introduction in return. While introducing yourself to a stranger, it is imperative to have a very gentle and friendly smile on your face. The introduction should basically focus on your full name, current job, last academic degree or hobbies.

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    Try to listen to the other person

    While having a chat with a stranger, you should listen attentively, instead of doing most of the talking. Most people have the tendency to express too much about themselves, their life and history. However, if you are smart enough, you can know more about the other person and ask questions in a friendly manner.

    On top of that, it is also important not to interrupt the other person when he/she speaks.

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    Keep yourself informed

    One of the best topics to talk about with a stranger is current affairs. You can talk about the latest happenings in the world of sports or politics. Such universal topics are great for starting conversations and breaking the ice between strangers. However, don't go overboard or appear smug and all-knowing.

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    Judge the other person's body language

    During your interaction with the stranger, it is important to judge the personality of the other person through his or her body language. If the other person appears arrogant, rude or proud, it is recommended that you avoid further interaction.

    There are many people who prefer not to talk to strangers at all. Therefore, it is equally important to know when to stop talking.

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