How To Avoid Confrontation with Family

Being members of the same family does not mean that everyone has a similar personality or opinions. While living under the same roof, these differences of opinions and distinctive personalities can result in disagreements and quarrels.

It is best to avoid confrontation with family as there is no justification for hurting each other through words or actions. This is easier said than done, but you will have to make an effort and work on your tolerance level.


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    Keep your head cool and try to relax. It is important to remain calm because the moment you let the prevailing tension get the better of you, things will become ugly. Understand the consequences of losing your temper.

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    Choose your words very carefully. Do not provoke a family member by passing sarcastic or sneering remarks as it is bound to result in a strong and bitter reaction, thus causing the situation to get out of control.

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    Confrontations often involve shouting at each other. Remind yourself that every word that you say loudly will be reaching the ears of your neighbours and even the people passing your house. This will make your house and family members a popular gossip topic in the neighbourhood. Therefore, keep your voices down.

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    Keep your emotions in check. Anger is an ugly emotion that can cause serious damage. By clouding your better judgement, this emotion can make you say and commit actions that you yourself will regret once your sanity returns.  Remember, you are facing a family that you love, not an enemy that you loathe.

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    Disconnect yourself from the family for a while. When you sense your tolerance reaching its limit, leave the room and go out for a walk. This will help you to calm yourself and also keep you from hurling an objectionable statement at your family.

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    Ask yourself if you are the reason for the confrontation. Accept your mistake and apologise. Do not put your ego above rationality. Saying sorry to your family does not make you a villain, but in fact increases your respect in the eyes of your loved ones.

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    Speak one by one so that both of you clearly understand each other. Think before you respond to what the other person says.

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    Do not revisit old quarrels during a fresh one, as that would only serve to make the situation even more tensed.

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    No matter what happens, do not get physical. Things will become extremely ugly once you hit a family member. There is no saying what will happen afterwards as the person you hit is bound to retaliate.

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