How To Avoid Conflict in Your Relationship

If somebody tells you that he/she has never had any argument with his/her partner, rest assured it is a plain and cold blooded lie.

There cannot be a relationship void of an occasional argument, for there are no two individuals who cannot agree on absolutely everything. That is just the part of the whole deal.

However, the problem arises when two partners argue often. Under these circumstances, either the partners have totally opposite natures and the relationship is bound to end one time or another, or one partner starts to be too dominating and demanding.This is the situation which you can control by making some efforts.

The key in these matters is sit back and ponder on the small details that are being neglected. Mostly, it is these small things that result in a separation.


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    Listen to your partner

    Most relationships starting eroding because of minor misunderstandings and that happens when the people involved are not listening to each other. Or if they listen, they do so superficially. That is not how things should be. Partners should actually know each other inside out and should be inquisitive if they are unsure. Talking can heal everything.

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    Spend more time together

    Work can force you to compromise on your family life. And when that happens differences start to grow. Never compromise on the time which is supposed to be for your family. Doing this, you can sort a lot of issues by just being there.

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    Respect your partner’s likes and dislikes

    In a relationship there might be many things which will be disliked by one individual and liked by the other. Depending upon the intensity of the issue, there should be a balance and a compromise should be struck. Be sensitive to the tastes and beliefs of your partner.

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    Don’t raise expectations but try your bit to change

    There can be a lot of problems if you promise a drastic change in your personality and then despite your best efforts, are unable to achieve the wanted level. The best thing is therefore not to promise anything drastic. Take small steps and be rational about things. There has to be flexibility at both ends.

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    Let go of your pride

    You need to understand that your pride and principles are not as important as your people. Pride and principles won’t be around to console you in the hour of need, it will your people who will do that.

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