How to Be a Woman in a Relationship

Relationships these days are more complex as compared to past because we have different ways and means of communication. Before the advancement in the world of technology, relationships were simple and had less stress as they were limited to physical presence only. However, in the modern world, you can stay in touch with your spouse or your girlfriend/boyfriend 24/7 through telephones or internet. Communication through mediums often leads to misunderstandings.

Being a woman in a relationship is quite a tricky thing. In order to retain the love of your man, you have got to be very intelligent and must not compromise on your self-respect. You have to create a balance in your romance in order to make it long-lasting. Women, who are desperate for their men in a relationship, tend to lose their self-respect and the love of their man in no time. Most relationships are often driven by women and they have a crucial role to play.


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    Be romantic and caring

    Let your guy initiate love/romance/sex but make sure that you give him proper response. Maintaining a balance in your romance in extremely important and be patient. Men do not like women who are too shy or those who are not shy at all. Be romantic and try to satisfy your man. If you do not create a balance in your response, you are most likely to lose your man’s attention and he may start seeking for others. Men always want the women to be caring by taking little things into account.

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    Maintaining self-respect is one of the most important things in a relationship. Respect your own self and never compromise on your integrity. Make yourself the man’s queen and not a slave, which can be used whenever the man wants to. Never allow the man to abuse you and do not do that yourself as well.

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    Give space

    Having space in every relation is extremely crucial. Never check your man’s inbox or phone without his consent. Never argue with your man in public; however, you should not be reluctant to communicate your point of view in private, without shouting.

    Calling your man after every five minutes will be one of the biggest mistakes you will make; however, many women often do that and lose the interest of their men as a result. Giving space to the other person is likely to enhance your mutual love and respect for each other.

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