How to Get a Proper Latch Breastfeeding

Having a child is one of the greatest blessings, but of course, everything comes with a little cost. Most women face the issue while breastfeeding their child but they feel shy in sharing this with others. You should know that there is always a time for everything and there are only a few things, which you can do properly in the first attempt. Breastfeeding your child can be very difficult but with a little help and commitment, you can make things easier for both, you and your infant.


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    Accept the fact

    The first thing you need to do in this regard is accept the fact that breastfeeding is important for both of you. You must realize how important it is for your infant. This will eventually help you in getting comfortable with the best thing. No doubt, it can be difficult in the start but as you learn its importance, things will get easier for you. Now, you must try to comfort yourself and your child while breastfeeding. The biggest problem women face in breastfeeding is the angle and position. For this, consider taking help from other females in your family or ask your doctor and you will be advised to set up a small station for this purpose.

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    Keep your baby to breast level

    It is of considerable importance that you position the baby properly. For this, consider raising the baby to your breast level as this will make things easier for both of you. You must ensure that the baby’s head is perfectly aligned with your breast otherwise, he or she will start screaming.

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    Keep your breast in a proper position

    After you have positioned the baby properly, you must ensure that your breast is in proper position. If you want the baby to latch on your breast properly, you must hold your breast firmly and keep it properly aligned with your baby’s head.

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    Touch your nipple to baby’s mouth

    After both of you are positioned properly, you must start touching your nipple with the baby’s mouth. This will help your baby to open the mouth and latch on properly. Remember that you cannot enter baby’s mouth with your hands and using the nipples is the only right way.

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    Place the nipple inside baby’s mouth

    After you have tickled your baby, you must place your nipple inside the baby’s mouth.

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