How to Survive the Holidays with your Family

Everyone is usually looking forward to the holidays, as they provide you with an opportunity of enjoying life to some extent.

Life is so busy these days that we don’t get much time for ourselves and most of our family and friends complain about not giving time to them. They fail to understand that we don’t even get time for our own interests, so how can we fulfil their demands. The result is that you can end up in an embarrassing situation, especially during your holidays.

For children, vacations are the best gift of the year. They spend most of their time playing with friends and don’t like much interference from the family members. However, they fail to avoid such a situation where someone from their relatives feel necessary to bother them every once in a while.

On the other hand, adults find it even more difficult to cope with such a situation, as they have to tackle both the elders and kids in their family. If they have kids, their life can become hectic, fulfilling their demands.

Due to this, the holidays become a curse for some of us and we start counting the days to normal life once again.


  • 1

    List out the annoying family members

    Not all family members trouble you much and you definitely need some of them to spend time with. However, there are a few of them, who can be overly annoying. So, list them out in order to make a plan of surviving them during holidays.

  • 2

    Avoidance can be a solution

    For teenagers, the best way of getting out of such a situation is to spend most of time with friends. It doesn’t matter what your annoying aunt and uncle will feel,  just try ignoring them as much as possible.

  • 3

    Sleep during daytime

    Another good way of surviving your family is to sleep during daytime. Plan your activities at night, so that your routine is completely different from the rest of the relatives.

  • 4

    Be straightforward

    Never hide your feelings about your relatives. If they do something you don’t like, tell them on their face. This way, they will never trouble you again on the same matter.

  • 5

    Get help from elders

    If someone bothers you a lot, let the elders of the family about it. They will handle the situation themselves.

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