How to Enjoy First Wedding Anniversary

The first wedding anniversary is indeed a very special day for any married couple. The first year of marriage is typically the most challenging one, with the couple having to make a lot of adjustments to accommodate each other.

Getting to the first wedding anniversary is a proof that the couple were successful in coping with the challenges and are all set to start their second year of married life. The milestone definitely calls for a celebration. There are a lot of ways for a married couple to enjoy their first wedding anniversary and make it a memorable one.


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    Celebrate the day by exchanging gifts with your spouse.  Gifts are an excellent way to showing someone that you care about them. There must be something that your spouse has been dying to get for the past few days, weeks or even months. If your budget allows you to buy that thing for them, surprise them with it on your first wedding anniversary. If you do not have enough money to purchase a really expensive gift, there is no need to stress over it. Keep in mind that it is the thought behind a gift that really counts.

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    Take your spouse out to dinner to an expensive restaurant, or if you do not have enough money to afford eating then, then take them to their favourite restaurant that is relatively cheaper. If you are a wife, then cook something really special for your husband.

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    Take time to make yourself look extra special on your first wedding anniversary. Take a long and thorough bath, wash your hair, shave and do whatever it is that you do when you want to look great. Wear something really nice, something that you spouse would love to see you in. Make an effort to look great throughout the day.

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    Revisit your wedding day memories by sitting down with your spouse and looking at the wedding video and album. Grab some popcorn or grab some other snacks as you enjoy the video and pictures of your wedding day.

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    If you live in the same city where you got married, visit the place where you both took your vows and were officially pronounced as husband and wife. Visiting the place will bring back fond memories.

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    If you and your spouse do not want to celebrate your first wedding anniversary alone, throw a small party, inviting your close relatives and friends.

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