How to Avoid Being Married for Money

Having lots of cash in your bank account can be the greatest feeling in the world. However, this sort of backfires when it comes to relationship, especially marriage. Just because you have a lot of money, you might find a lot of women/men falling in love with you just because you are rich and consequently capable of affording their luxuries.

If you want to avoid ending up getting married to a person who is interested in you only because of your wealth, then you will have to become and act really smart and stop projecting yourself as a wealthy and materialistic person.


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    Do not project yourself as a wealthy person. Even if you or your parents have a very impressive bank balance, try to project yourself as a normal person. Flaunting your wealth will make you come off as a very materialistic person, which is not a positive image at all. If you end up in a discussion about your occupation, your house, how fortune, etc be honest about them, though try not to highlight them too much. Be casual and humble about it.

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    When you interact with people or with any relation, make sure you speak on a personal level instead of basing the interaction or relation on how much you or the other person possesses. There are so many things other than wealth and occupation that you can discuss with people. If you are looking for true love and a life partner, spend more time learning about what people are on the inside instead of trying to know how much they have.

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    If you find a person taking too much interest in how much property you own, the area where you live, the number of cars that you own, the amount of money you make every month, there is a good chance that you have run into a superficial person. These things can come up in general discussions, but when they start coming up too often, you should know that something is wrong.

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    When you are searching for a future partner, do a bit of research. If you find a potential spouse, try to get some information on the previous relationships of this person. Also try to learn about this person’s description of an ideal life partner. This will give you a very good idea about the person and help you decide if you want to get married to them.

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