How to Stand Your Ground in Relationships

While ups and downs are a part of every relationship, you need to draw the line somewhere. If you feel that your partner or spouse has been unreasonably dominating the relationship of late or he/she is not giving you enough importance while making decisions, you may need to stand your ground and voice your concerns.

A lot of people shy away from confrontations and feel that objecting to certain issues may strain the relation further. However, such a passive approach may encourage your partner to continue behaving the same way or even worse.

Standing your ground does not necessarily mean things need to get ugly. If you have a good understanding with your partner, the two of you can amicably settle any differences as well.


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    Speak to your partner

    Instead of keeping things within yourself, it is always recommended that you speak to your partner and express how you have been feeling in recent times. Make the other person know your importance in his/her life. If you stay quiet in this situation, you are actually allowing your partner to call all the shots about your relationships.
    Standing your ground in a relationship does not mean that you start giving commands and directives to your partner as this will worsen the whole situation.

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    Defend your individuality

    You must be proud of what you are and should look to defend your individual personality. Never compromise on your religious beliefs, morals and values.

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    Be calm

    You must avoid anger and emotional behaviour while expressing your views. If you are calm and collected, you can more effectively convey your point of view, without offending your partner.

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    Give space to your partner

    Some people try to impose themselves on their partners all the time, which leads to problems in a relationship. Hence, it is advised that you should give enough space to your partner in a relationship and avoid a scenario where he/she starts avoiding you.

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    Learn to say NO

    No relationship can work without a few compromises. However, you must also learn to say NO in a nice manner when something is not acceptable for you.

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