How to Shave Your Legs During Pregnancy

Becoming a mother is one of the most beautiful things in the world; however, it is not without its labors because the 9 months of pregnancy require you to practice utmost care and caution in regards to your health and body. Since the whole process of conception and nurturing a baby in the womb involves a lot of biological processes, women undergo hormonal changes which considerably affect their physical and emotional wellbeing. While some women may experience reduced hair growth, others may see it increase due to the changes. In such a scenario, shaving your legs might not be very practical or safe, but if you want to go ahead, consider the following.


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    Most women are used to shaving their legs in the shower, which is not advised in this case. You should, for no reason, subject yourself to the risk of getting onto a wet or slippery floor. Get together your shaving kit and either make plenty of space on a rug or spread a sheet on your bed so that there is no risk of you losing your balance or falling.

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    Make sure you are comfortably seated and all the things you need are easily within reach. You should use a cushion to support your back and pillows to prop your legs on for comfort and ease.

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    It is common for your skin to become extremely sensitive during pregnancy due to the hormonal changes taking place in your body. Even if you were previously using a lotion or gel without issues, you might get rashes. In order to avoid this, you should get a proper shaving gel and test it on a small part of your skin to see if it reacts or not. You will also need a new razor to avoid nicks and cuts and get the job done smoothly.

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    You should ideally start from the bottom up so that even if you get tired and quit half way at least you can have some satisfaction knowing you cleaned up some of the visible hair. Even if you go through with it completely, you should consider shaving only as far as you think you will be covered. For instance, if you intend on wearing short pajamas, you can shave as far as you expect your leg to be visible.

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    If you are experiencing any discomfort, stop immediately and consider taking assistance from your husband, a friend or a family member. It is much easier to get this done with someone’s help rather than on your own.

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    Visiting the nearest salon is generally the easiest way but if you are going to get a wax, consider the fact that your skin might get very irritated and since you can’t necessarily bend and soothe it, it might become an annoyance.

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