How to Communicate in a New Relationship

The biggest mistake that most couples make in a relationship is worrying about how their partner will respond to something they want to say. However, this creates a communication gap, which leads to frustration and anger. People who complain that their relationships do not last long usually have been found making this mistake. They care a lot for their partner and in doing so they start keeping their feelings inside, thinking that if they say something it might annoy their partner. It is imperative that you communicate with your partner for a relationship to grow.


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    Learn to read the body language of your partner because he/she may not always directly say the words out loud. It is upon you to understand by reading the body language of your partner what he/she really wants.

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    While it is important to understand the body language of your partner in a relationship, it is also equally important to express your feelings by saying the things out loud. Your body language can be misinterpreted by your partner causing major misunderstandings. Talking eliminates the possibility of confusion regarding your motives.

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    Putting yourself in your partner's shoes is an excellent way to learn why and what your partner is feeling and going through. Try to assess the situation as your partner would do.

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    Never stop your partner from expressing his/her thoughts in front of you. Give him/her confidence to speak up in front of you. This will make your relationship peaceful and prosperous.

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    Allowing your partner to work through conflicts is another way to keep the communication channels open in a harmonious relationship.

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    Partners need to address the misunderstandings between them and try to find a solution which is mutually acceptable.

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    In order to communicate with each other, take some time off work and spend it together to do things that you both enjoy. Go on a trip out of town or just to the beach to reconnect with each other.

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    When talking, try to avoid subjects which are uncomfortable for your partner, as talking on these matters will only increase the tension between you guys. When talking, try to find something of mutual interest.

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    Words aren’t always enough, so taker him/her out for dinner or exchange gifts as tokens of appreciation.

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