How to Get Your Husband to Listen to You

Husbands who turn a deaf ear even during the most innocent of demands are a source of migraine for women the world over. Yes, one of the most widespread complaints heard from women is that their husbands do not listen to them. Wives believe that their life partners are usually non-committal and evasive the moment they bring up sensitive issues like, their relationship, money, shopping, disciplining the kids, or sharing household chores. Moreover, they just nod and walk away with a fake promise, saying, “Yes sweetheart,” just to get rid of your demand.

Husbands may seem like impossible creatures but with the right tactics you just might succeed in making him actually listen to you. Apply the simple steps given below and enjoy your hubby listening to you at the first call.


  • 1

    Get your husband in the mood to listen to you

    Do not make the mistake to ask for anything when your husband is angry or upset. Wait for the right time and right situation to grab his attention. It is better to be nice to him a few hours prior to presenting him your demand instead of nagging him when both of you are in a foul mood.

  • 2

    Wait for him on meal to show your love

    Wait for your husband on lunch or dinner so that you can get a chance to show your love. Make sure to have a hot and delicious meal waiting for him the moment he enters the dining room. Be very polite and nice to him at the end of the meal and let him know about whatever you want to say to him.

  • 3

    Give him some space at the end of tiring day

    When your husband gets off work, make sure to give him some space and few hours of peace to relax and get out of the tiring activities. It helps in making him realize that you also care about him. Once your beloved hubby feels relaxed, let him know what is on your mind.

  • 4

    Praise him – the buttering formula works

    Sit besides your husband with your arms around him and start praising him, making him feel on the top of the world. Once you get him emotional, ask him anything you want.

  • 5

    No doubt love begets love

    It is well said that “love begets love.” Therefore, treat your husband well and he will treat you well in return. If you really want him to listen to you, then adopt the habit of listening to him.

  • 6

    Be very specific about what you want

    No offense, but husbands just do not enjoy listening to their wives while talking all the time. It is nothing against females but they just get bored if you talk about illogical things or about the same subject more than a couple minutes. Therefore, make sure to be very specific and straight forward while letting him know about your demands.

  • 7

    Do something special for your husband

    Do something special for your husband if you think it will be hard for him to digest your demand or wish. You can present him his favorite gift, prepare his favorite dish or simply set the room according to how he likes it.

  • 8

    There is no harm in seeking help from his close ones

    You can discuss your situation with loved ones of your husband. Do not panic we are not talking about any other girl, but his close friends, colleagues or family members. Once you approach his loved ones, convince them to deliver a general speech to your husband based on the right of wife or how to deal with her to live a happy life. This simple trick requires effort but it really does work.

  • 9

    Give him some examples of other couples

    Emotional fool formula is another simple and successful trick to get your husband to listen to you. Quote some examples of other couples who live a successful married life based on effective communication. Focus on the role of husband in a happily married life, making his wife happy by listening to her all the time.

  • 10

    Consider the old method of bribery

    Last but not the least; consider the old but effective bribery method. Let your hubby know that you will be superfluous nice to him in bed if he spares a few minutes from his busy schedule to listen to you.

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