How to Fix a Relationship between Best Friends

There can be many ups and downs in a relationship, but you don’t need to be worried at all. This is all part of life and such things happen to everyone. There are numerous people in our lives, who hold very less significance, so we don’t even bother about fixing out relationship with them.

However, things are entirely different when it comes to your best friend. It is impossible to spend time without someone, who has been an integral part of your life. No matter how hard you try, you will regret ending a relationship with your best friend.

On the other hand, your friend will also have the same feelings, so don’t waste any time and mend your relationship.


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    Realise your mistake

    Although your friend might have been at fault, there must have been some mistake at your end too. So, realise what you did wrong and move on. If you fail to accept your fault, you will never get a positive response from the other end.

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    Learn to forgive

    If the other person is your best friend, he/she would never have wanted to hurt you in a way that the relationship comes to an end. However, one loses senses in the heat of the moment, which doesn’t mean that a friendship can be ended too. So, learn forgiving others in order to move forward in life.

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    Write an email to your friend

    If you don’t have the courage to face your friend, write to his/her. Once you let the other person know that you are missing his/her, things will start getting better. However, make sure that you don’t talk about the ill experiences, as that will once again trigger the problem.

  • 4

    Invite your friend to a meal

    Once you start a conversation with your friend over the internet, you will feel a lot more comfortable. It is now time to invite his/her to a nice meal, so that both of you can sit together and sort out the issues.

  • 5

    Politely explain your situation

    Ideally, you should not talk about the past and focus on improving your relationship. However, you may need to clear the air in order to carry on with the friendship. So, talk about the issue politely, so that your best friend doesn’t get offended. Give his/her time to explain the other part of the story, so that there is no confusion between both of you.

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