How to Find Prison Inmate

If you want to find out about your friend or any other family member whether they are in jail or not, you can always take help from the online directories. There can be several reasons for trying to find out about the inmate, but no matter what the reason is, you can always try and locate prison inmates. If you want to identify in which prison your friend or family member is and you want to meet with him, you can do that with the help of few easy steps and without any expenses.


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    Search for an online directory

    The foremost step in searching information about a prison inmate is to choose a prison inmate directory of your choice. There are several websites that offer these services including ‘Ancestor Hunt’, ‘Inmate Plus’ or ‘The Inmate Locator’ while you can also check with the states’ websites to authenticate the information. For this, turn on your computer, open your web browser and type the keywords while using the search engine of your choice and it will list you these websites.

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    Check state’s websites

    There is no doubt about the reliability and authenticity of the above mentioned sites but if you want to cross check the information, you can always check it with the website of the state in which the prisoner is being kept. Nevertheless, if the above mentioned sites do not help, you can easily track the inmate down by checking the website of the relevant state. For this, you will have to enter inmate’s first name, last name and the state in which he/she is kept as a prisoner. If you are not sure about the state of the inmate, you will have to check with the websites of all states one by one.

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    Enter inmate’s details

    In order to obtain the information regarding a particular inmate, you must enter complete and accurate information about him. Remember that, you will need his last name, first name, inmate number or in some cases date of birth of the inmate is also required. You must make sure that you have this information about the inmate you are searching for otherwise you will face difficulties.

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    Contact state’s department of corrections

    If your online search fails, you should feel free to contact your state’s department of corrections and ask for their assistance in the search for your inmate.

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