How to Handle Conflicting Situations

Sometimes man blames himself as the culprit of the misfortunes that happen to him. The easiest way is to blame others while you are in difficult situations and unable to resolve them yourself.

Disputes and conflicts can occur everywhere. But an irresolvable conflict can to turn into enmity and hatred. There is no life without conflict. There could be a disagreement at work, at home or in the process of communicating with friends, which sometimes turns into a conflict situation.

Ability to resolve disputes is the most valuable quality that characterizes a strong personality.


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    For a positive resolution of a difficult situation, you need to calm down first of all. If you find it difficult to relax, draw the conclusion of the problem and think about its complexity and intensity. Identify ways to resolve it. It is important for you to understand against whom you are fighting.

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    Superfluous emotions only provoke unwanted processes. Stay calm. Remember that a cool head and a warm heart will help you deal with the problem. Treat it with the proper understanding and judgement.

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    Do not run away from difficulties, and fight them but if you think that they will be resolved by itself then you are mistaken. Try to understand what you expect and what you can really count in the end.

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    Proceed deliberately. Do not fritter away on unnecessary struggle. Assess your strengths and proportionate them to resolve the conflict. If you understand that you are weak, do not be afraid to ask for help.

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    The conflict can be ended by negotiation, with both sides making confessions and come to some compromise that partially takes into account interests of both parties. This may be a completely new solution that satisfies both parties and make them fully reconciled. It is the most constructive ways out of the conflict situation and it is used even after the confrontation.

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    If you are shy by nature, try to change your behaviour. Try to act like an extrovert: to make decisions confidently and actively. Keep in mind that your own choices make you happier. If you continue to blame yourself, it could undermine your self-esteem.

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