How to Help a Teen through Depression

The percentage of people suffering from depression is increasing at an alarming rate all across the globe. Majority of the discussions on the subject revolve around grown-ups, the factors that push them into depression and the best ways for them to get out of it.

However, the problem is becoming increasingly common in teenagers as well. They are also not as capable of dealing with it on their own as grown-ups, which makes it the responsibility of the latter to help them through it in whatever way they possibly can.


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    The best way to help a teen out of their depression is to lend them a willing ear. Patiently listen to whatever it is that they want to say. They would definitely want to vent their frustration and share what is bothering them with someone who is caring enough to listen to them. Be an active listener, encouraging them to keep talking and showing interest in what they are saying. Do not interrupt them unnecessarily or tell them that they are over-reacting to a situation or incident.

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    You should not try to console them by saying something like “I know how you feel.” You may have an idea about how they are feeling, but the exact extent of their pain is something that you cannot possibly be aware of. Instead, try to comfort them by telling them that you have found yourself in similar situations and coped with the depression.

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    There is nothing a teenager cherishes more than the feeling of being someone important and meaningful in someone’s life. Make them feel important and tell them what a big impact they make on your life.

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    Hang out with the teenager. If you are dealing with a female teenager, take her to the shopping mall. She is surely going to forget about all the worries in life when she is surrounded by clothes, shoes, make-up and other such stuff that girls of her age love. If your teenager is a boy, take them to a watch a basketball, baseball or football game. They will feel much better after shouting at the top of their lungs while supporting their team and favourite players.

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    Be there for the teenager when they need you. Always be willing to offer them support and guidance when they look like they need it.

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