How to Be Someone Everyone Loves

Indeed, everyone wants to be loved and admired by the people within their social circle. How perfectly Jarod Kintz described himself in one sentence, “I want to be the kind of person that kind people like and want to be like.” Your personality and behaviors is what you make it. On the other hand, this life is your only chance to create such a positive and magnetic personality; that you be a focus for others. Although it seems to be a bit tricky to be someone everyone loves but a little bit hard work based on commitment and a pessimistic approach can be helpful in achieving this goal.

So, if you really want to be Someone Everyone loves ad adores, simply follow the given below steps:


  • 1

    First and foremost, “Be Yourself”

    The very first and foremost formula to get people love you is being yourself. “Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it,” says Bruce Lee, a Hong Kong’s actor. Do not adopt any fake behavior to impress others. You are simply best the way you are and you do not need to copy any one. Fake behaviors, personality or expressions are easily identifiable and can ruin your image. All you have to do is, enhance your personality, polish your good habits and replace the negative habits with some positive ones.

  • 2

    Be nice and humble towards others

    Nice and down to earth people are always loved by others. Therefore, overcome the element of impoliteness in your attitude and try to be humble towards the people around you. Keep one thing in your mind, “respect begets respect and love begets love.”

  • 3

    Try to be Mama’s girl or boy

    The second rule to be Someone Everyone Loves is also simple, where you just have to be Mama’s boy or girl. Always listen to your parents’ instructions and do not go beyond the limits described by them. Once you become mama’s boy or girl, they will start appreciating you in front of others and you will automatically become an example for others.

    Note: This rule is not just for the school going individuals; any one in any phase of life can be a mama’s boy or girl to be loved by others.

  • 4

    Get good grades

    If you are a student and wants to be someone everyone loves, then try to earn good grades in the tests and examinations. If you are already good in studies, then keep up the goods performance and if not, then simply start a hard work from now onwards. Same rule is applicable for the working (professional) people.  Those who are working people can get promotions by performing the assigned task efficiently. We are sure that you will surely enjoy the nice complements form others along with their love towards you.

  • 5

    Take part in household activities

    If you are sharing a roof with others like family, friends or colleagues, then it is really important to create a friendly environment to spend good time with them. Take part in the household activities like, washing, dusting, cleaning etc. once the other people observe you performing your duties ably, they will love you for sure.

  • 6

    A cute smile on your face costs nothing

    Say Cheese Please! Keeping a cute smile on your face costs you nothing except making people love you for such a lovely beam. In today’s world where almost everyone is grabbed by tensions, no one likes dull and sad faces as it further increases their stress. Meet and talk to others with a soft smile on your face and grab their attention and love in return.

  • 7

    Avoid fighting

    Taking part in fighting and hurting others give you a tag of bad reputation. Thus, try your best control your nerves on minor issue and adopt the habit of forgiveness. Moreover, do not hesitate to say sorry if you think you were wrong or it was your mistake.

  • 8

    Have good hygiene

    No one likes people with messy clothing or the ones who stink. Brush your hair and teeth, wear clean and properly pressed clothes, cut your nails or keep them clean, polish your shoes, and use a body spray or perfume. Isn’t it simple to keep yourself neat and clean?

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