How to Comfort a Crying Woman

Men face this situation at one stage of life or another, and most of them find it pretty hard to tackle. The thing is that no one can really understand what actually goes in a woman’s mind. We know that they are soft hearted, tender human beings and no matter how tough they claim to be, deep down, they need the protection and comfort of a man.

If you are in a relationship with a woman, she will turn to you for comfort and there are certain things that you need to know to be able to comfort a crying woman.


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    Women are caring and loving, but more than that, they need love and care for themselves. If your woman over reacts to small daily life issues, there is no need to worry, it is a pretty normal phenomenon. If you can feel that she is not cent percent fine and is slowly moving to the depression zone, talk to her.

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    Cook her a nice meal and make sure she is in a good mood. Sit close to her, her seat preferably should be your lap as you look deep in her eyes and make her comfy. Softly ask her the issue that has been bugging her these days. If your woman trusts you, she will babble all about it in the next few minutes.

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    Even though her problem may be nothing, keep nodding and sympathize with her all the way. Place your arms around her and give her a warm hug, this will make her feel a lot better.

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    However, sometimes matters escalate quickly, and before you can figure out what is happening, she begins crying all of a sudden. Stop whatever you are doing and turn to her. Put your arms around her and comfort her. She may shove you away and leave the room but do not worry, it’s none of your fault, their emotions are just that high.

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    Follow her to where ever she goes and go sit right next to her. Ask her politely what has happened. You may have to sit long hours outside a washroom door waiting for her to come out but you must be willing to do these things to save your relationship. If you do not follow her, it will give her an impression that you do not care a bit about her.

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    Even though you may not be source of the problem, be prepared to face an outburst of anger, as women tend to displace their anger to people closest to them. Don’t speak much and keep on comforting her. After a while she will realize her she was wrong to take her anger on you, don’t demand for an apology, instead be a loving man and give her a warm hug.

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