How To Be a Better Husband

The relationship between a husband and wife is a sacred one built on mutual love, respect and care. Unfortunately, there is hardly any wife who is 100 percent satisfied with her husband.

While the same can be said about men and their dissatisfaction with their wives, it can hardly be used as an excuse to give up on keeping one’s wife happy.

If you love your wife and want to keep her happy, then you will surely be willing to make an effort to become a better husband. Keep in mind that even though you are willing to improve yourself as a husband, your wife may not be ready to return the favour.


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    Always be honest with your wife. You have a moral obligation of telling nothing but the truth to your life-partner, even if it ends up putting you in an awkward position. Lying will only result in the shattering of trust between you two and once trust shatters, it can take months and even years to be regained.

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    Communicate with your wife. Talk about the stuff that happened in office and share your thoughts with her. Instead of expecting her to guess how you are feeling and why, share your problems and worries with her. If she has hurt you, let her know. Turn off the television and put your cell phone on silent during your communication sessions.

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    Respect her both at home and in public. Do not forget that women are not inferior to men. Do not confuse her love for you as some sort of an obligation. Do not criticise her in public. If she is saying or doing something that you do not approve of, whisper it into her ear politely.

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    Compliment your wife both at home and in public. Do not assume that she knows that she is looking good or that she has cooked good food. Appreciate her through words and actions.

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    Help her with household chores. You may have come back from office tired, but still try to make an effort to help her out in the kitchen or by taking the garbage out, etc. Giving her a hand in house-hold chores will also give you an opportunity to communicate with her.

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    Surprise her with a gift. Pay close attention to what she says while you are out shopping with her. She may drop you some sort of a hint about something that she is simply craving to get. Whenever you get an opportunity, buy it for her.

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    Always be supportive of her. Let her know through your words and actions that she can always count on you. Listen to her when she needs to talk. Protect her both physically and emotionally. Never allow any sort of fluctuation in your support for her.

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    Be romantic. Every person has a different definition of romance, but there are some elements that are common in all these definitions. An act of romance will display your love for your wife and let her know how much she means to you. Tell her you love her from time to time. Hug and kiss her to show you crave to be close to her. Take both physical and emotional intimacy to new heights.

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