How to Deal with Death at Christmas

It’s hard to lose someone you love. However, it’s harder if your loved one passes away during Christmas. While others are celebrating around you, it is difficult to deal with the situation you are in. One thing which you must instil in yourself is the fact that life goes on. It’s true that you loved that someone a lot and it’s hard for you to live without him/her, but that does not mean that you forget about the life around you. While the grief for the special someone will dry out after a few days, you can still find out ways through which you can make your Christmas holidays relatively less stressful.


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    When it comes to losing someone who was close to you, you will most definitely go through a lot of emotions. Your feelings and your mood will change by every passing moment. Therefore, steady yourself and don’t get involved in too many emotions.

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    Always be nice to yourself. Take your time out and sleep. If you believe that crying will help you get the load off your brain, move to a corner and start crying. Eat lots of healthy food and don’t forget to exercise. Studies have revealed that exercise is one of the best ways to release stress. Praying will also help you clam yourself down. Keep yourself distracted with the help of a movie, a book or maybe a friend.

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    Do meet up with people who are visiting you for condolences. It’s true that you will be reminded of that special someone, but you will get to hear good things about him/her and this will help you out as well.

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    Since it is Christmas and you are going through so much, make sure that you streamline the amount of traditions which you want to be a part of. Do not only keep in mind the financial resources at hand; in fact, also think about the emotional resources and whether you will be able to invest them this time round. Mostly these events will work out as a distraction for you.

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    Start giving away cards to different people and improve your interaction with the outside world. This will help you bring a smile to your face and also release a lot of stress. Play some good holiday music if nothing seems to calm you down.

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    Enjoying the holiday season after your loved one’s death is nothing disrespectful. Your loved one would want you to find comfort in these times.

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