How to Listen Better To Your Spouse

Communication is a key to a better relationship. Even after marriage, it keeps the flame between a husband and wife strong. If this communication is not maintained, there is a strong chance that the marriage becomes dull and even weak.

If you have not been paying enough attention to what your spouse has to say, then you are damaging your relation with them. If you really want your marriage to work and become even stronger than before, you should spend more time listening to what your spouse has to say.


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    Learn to read the signs that indicate that your spouse wants to talk to you. You may be busy doing something in the kitchen or watching your favourite sport on TV, which is why your spouse may feel a bit reluctant to start the conversation, fearing they might disturb you. However, if you see them looking in your direction while you are occupied with something else or if you find them hanging around you without any reason, then there is a strong possibility that they have something to say to you.

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    When your spouse is talking to you, be all ears. They may be sharing something really important with you. You should pay attention to each and every word that comes out of their mouth. They may be discussing a problem with you, expecting you to give a reasonable advice to help them solve the problem. They may even be sharing something that has the potential of making an impact on your relationship. Even if your spouse is not sharing a problem with you, but is instead sharing some interesting story or experience, pay attention.

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    Switch off the TV and keep the cell-phone out of your hand while your spouse is talking to you. They should know that you are all-ears and not distracted by something else. TV and cell-phones can distract you and consequently make you lose focus.

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    Encourage your spouse to keep talking by asking them questions and giving a reaction through both words as well as expressions. Your spouse will know from your reactions that you are indeed paying attention to what they are saying and are also showing a great deal of interest in it.

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    Do not interfere too much while your spouse is talking. If there is something that you want to contribute to the conversation, wait until they take a pause. Rest assured, you will get a chance to express your opinion. In fact, there is a strong chance that your spouse would ask you for your opinion themselves.

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