How to Deal with a Noisy Neighbour

Most people, if not everyone considers their house to be their land of peace. It is the one place where the world can’t bother you and you can be yourself, and do anything and everything that you want to do.

However, from time to time, people tend to run into neighbors who tend to create far too much noise. These noisy people tend to get under your skin, and prove to be more than just annoying.

Now you need to take matter into your own hands and make things work out for you, because no one wants to live with a neighbor who creates more noise than you can bear.


  • 1

    Counter attack with more noise

    Now the first thing you need to do, is to counter attack your neighbors noise, with some noise of your own. You can have a full fledged noise war with your opponent. You may get a number of speakers and tactically position them so that all the noise is directed towards your neighbor.

    Now this noise is going to get so unbearable for them, that they are going to end up asking you just why it is that you are doing what you are. When they do so, you may discuss your problems and sort things out.

  • 2

    Use martial arts

    Now the next thing you can do, is train in the art of martial arts. Once you do master this art, you need to step out in your garden frequently and display just what you are capable of.

    On occasions, go out and break random things in the front yard, but make sure that your neighbor can see you going crazy.

    Once they see just what you are capable of doing, simply go up to them and tell them that you want them to turn down the noise levels. Based on what you did, they are bound to listen to you and what you said.

  • 3

    Talk to them

    Now if you aren’t looking to start any turf wars with your neighbor, and are far too busy or lazy to invest in technology or martial arts classes, you can follow the simple path and talk to your neighbor.

    This is the very basic level to do things, and is bound to get your right results as well. However, it is the most boring thing to do as well.

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