How to Be Happy In an Unhappy Marriage

Things can take a turn for the worse after marriage. It is impossible to know the future, which is why a lot of people end up getting married to the wrong person. Even after becoming aware of their error of judgement, some people continue to remain in marriage. While making an effort to make a marriage work is a good and positive approach, sometimes this can become really tough. However, you should continue to remain strong. Start focusing on keeping yourself happy instead of letting the marriage completely suck the happiness out of you.


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    Access the situation and its seriousness. If your spouse has started to abuse you, there is no need for you to make the marriage work. If they cannot respect you and refrain themselves from destroying your self-esteem, then they do not deserve you. There is absolutely no excuse for abusive behaviour. If your spouse abuses you only once in a blue moon and normally treats you with respect, then they deserve a chance. However, if abusing is becoming a routine, walk away and do not look back.

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    If you no longer love your spouse, then start making an effort to love them again. Try to remember what it was that made you fall in love with them first time. If you had certain expectations from your spouse that they have failed to live up to, the only one to blame is you. Expectations lead to disappointments. You need to remember that your spouse is human, not an angel. They are bound to make mistakes sometimes and fall short of your expectations. Try to focus on things that made you fall in love with them the first time and ignore things that you dislike about them. Compromise is an integral part of marriage.

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    When you end up having an argument with your spouse, do not be afraid to speak your mind. However, keep your voice calm, even if your partner has resorted to shouting. Shouting back will only make the argument worse.

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    Sometimes it is best to move away from your spouse for a while to give yourself some time to think. You need to gather your thoughts and work on emotional stability.

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    Do not let your spouse have their way. Put your foot down real hard when you know you are right. The marriage will become even more unbearable if you let go of your right to speak and assert yourself from time to time.

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    Spend some time with your family and friends as they will help you feel relaxed and happy. If your spouse has a problem with them, let him find a way to deal with it. You should not let go of your support system just for his sake.

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