Top 10 Reasons Why Friends Fight With Each Other

Life is nothing without friends. They are always with you in happiness, sorrow and other ups and downs of life. They understand you the most and help in making important decisions related to your life. Some of them are really special and you feel that you would have been nothing without them.

However, there are times when you can have a fight with some of your best friends. There are numerous reasons of why this can happen, so it is better to be aware of such things in order to stay in harmony forever with your loved ones.


  • 1

    Broken promises

    One of the most serious things that can result in a fight between friends is a broken promise. You should never commit to something, which cannot be fulfilled, as it will end up ruining a relationship. When you break a promise, you actually show that the other person doesn’t matter much to you.

  • 2

    Disclosed secrets

    Your friends trust you the most, so they tell you their secrets. Being a good buddy, you should never reveal the secrets of your mate in front of anyone.

  • 3


    Envy can end the best of relationships. In fact, your friendship comes to an end, as soon as the covetousness factor comes between you and your buddy.  Never be jealous of what others have and be content.

  • 4


    Distances can end relationships, no matter how strong the bond is. It was a huge problem in the old days, but things have become a lot better with the passage of time, as you can contact your friends anywhere in the world through technology.

  • 5


    Whenever you start ignoring a friend, he/she will sway away.

  • 6

    Money Matters

    Money can ruin the best of relationships, let alone friendship. Always avoid bringing money into the equation, until and unless you are extremely desperate. Even if you borrow some from a close friend, make sure that you return it before your promised time.

  • 7

    Too many demands

    Friends definitely demand extra compared to others, but being overly demanding can have negative impact on a relationship.

  • 8

    Pointing out mistakes in front of others

    Pointing out your friend’s mistakes is not a bad thing, but if you do it in public, your relationship will be badly affected.

  • 9


    Sometimes people change and that doesn’t go well with the friends. So, one should always be the same for his/her friends, especially after marriage.

  • 10

    Taking them for granted

    If you take your friends for granted, they will stop respecting you and will never have the same feelings for you as before.

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