Tips for Building a Good Relationship

Most of the people get married with a thought they will be always remain happy with the respective partner for lifetime, while many have doubts about what the future holds for them. A happy and blissful married life is completely dependent on the mutual trust, love and dedication. However, there are certain other things which we tend to forget in our hassle-free life and start ignoring our marital life. Here are some of the tips to maintain a harmonious and lasting matrimonial relationship.


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    For a relationship to work you have to forgive and forget the bad things of the past. Forgiveness has two stages: once that is verbal and second, which is the most difficult and time consuming, it is to forget. A couple looking to the future tends to adopt moderate and conciliatory positions.

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    Do not Make the List of Grievances

    Avoid pointing out that collection of small and large errors, defects and failures to your partner that accumulate after a time of fellowship. This inventory of negatives is very destructive and prevents dialogue.

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    Be Good to Yourself

    To be happy is to know what you want and expect from life. An unstable person without values, is hardly able to establish a solid relationship.

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    Run Away from Boredom

    Monotony is the worst enemy of marriage. The life of a couple should be full of shared projects: the children, the house, the work, etc. This gives meaning to life in common. A couple with no project is like a movie with no plot.

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    Avoid Unnecessary Arguments

    Tough times test the relationship and being a wise person you should always learn to control yourself under such circumstances. Arguments will only lead to a fight. Try to talk more and discuss less.

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    Control What you are Going to Say

    Be aware of what you say during the moments of anger. It is always advised to stay away from insulting the partner or make use of harsh words. They can create open wounds that one may not forget for many years. If you feel too much anger, just have a glass of cold water and save your grievance for later.

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    Practice your Religion

    In case you have married someone who does not belong to your religion, your task doubles. No matter what religion you practice, if you maintain a harmony between your life and your beliefs and between what you consider good and bad, you know that you will succeed in any situation.

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    Do not Forget your Individuality

    Before you are a husband, a wife, a mother, a daughter-in-law or anyone else, you are a person. Think of yourself as most valuable and do not let others, even your husband or your children have priority before your own stability and satisfaction. It may seem a little selfish, but only if you are happy you can make others happy.

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    Accept the Unchangeable

    Certain things, particularly in men, do not change. So it would be in the best of your interests not to interfere in the lifestyle of your partner. Live free and let them live free.

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    Stop Reading Minds

    Women believe that they have the superpower to read the minds. This sometimes may be true, but not always and may create misunderstandings in the relationships. It always better to talk about things rather assuming things.

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