How to Accept Defeat Gracefully

Victories and defeats are part of life.  No doubt, defeats suck and provide you with some pain in the early stage. However, well said by Zig Ziglar, famous American author, that “If you learn from defeat, you haven’t really lost.” Rather than being upset of the defeat and wasting your energy, isn’t it better to accept it gracefully and to find the reasons behind it so that you came up with a better strategy next time.

Accepting defeat with grace some guts and a big heart. If you adopt right attitude at the time of defeat and react professionally, the defeat will only affect you for a moment before you move forward with action. It is well said that “you can judge one’s character by the way they accept defeat.”

Taking a defeat into your nerves can spoil your whole life and career but accepting it with grace provides you with an opportunity to do better next time. So, are you ready to get mentally prepared to accept the defeats gracefully? Simply, go through the given below simple steps:


  • 1

    Accept the defeat

    The very first thing you have to do is, accepting the defeat. You lost. So what? It's not a Big deal!  It is not the end of life; you still have the guts and power to do your best next time. Accepting the defeats and taking them easily makes life easier.

  • 2

    Show your graciousness and congratulate your rival

    Although, it is universal truth to jealous of your rival’s victory but you really have to overcome this feeling. Show your graciousness, go to your rival and congratulate him or her with open heart. This positive attitude of yours will automatically move you up to a level where your audiences or fans will respect you.

  • 3

    Think of your previous victories and calm yourself

    Once you get back from the field of defeat, sit somewhere with a cool and peaceful environment. Now, calm yourself. If it seems difficult for you, then simply review your past victories and try to feel good.

  • 4

    Divert your attention

    Rather than letting yourself down for just one defeat in life and negatively residing your mind, try to put your attention somewhere else. The best ways to get out of this tensed situation include, watching your favorite channel or an outing with your loved ones who are really close to you. You can think of some more healthy activities.

  • 5

    Learn from your defeat

    Now, stop dwelling on your defeat, try to learn from it and take it as a challenge for next time. Try to find out the reasons behind it, including the point where you were lacking.

  • 6

    Wish yourself best of luck for next time

    Once you handle the initial stages of defeat gracefully, muster up courage and wish yourself very best of luck for next time.

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