How to Bust a Move on a Girl

If you look around you, it is not difficult to find a lot of beautiful girls everywhere. However, you will find only one out of them all with whom you wish to talk to and possibly start a relationship with.

Things get awkward when you try to approach or meet a beautiful girl. Most guys start planning to bust a move as soon as they see a girl at a club, cafe or restaurant.

Every guy has his own technique based on some twisted theory or personal experience. However, sometimes it becomes difficult to win her heart despite making repeated efforts. For this it is necessary to show imagination and come up with something that distinguishes you from the crowd.

Most guys do not know how to bust a move on a girl as they struggle to find the right method of doing it. In fact, it is not as difficult as it may seem and if you follow certain rules, you might just impress the girl of your dreams.


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    If a girl, whose attention you want to achieve is dressed with style and taste you cannot afford to look sloppy or boring. Scroll through men's fashion magazines and buy a few new things as you equip yourself with fashionable accessories. All of this will not only make you more attractive and smart but it will also give you a lot of confidence.

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    Keep track of things she likes. Draw conclusions from her personality. For example, if you have found a girl in a music store, see which genre she listens to. After getting the necessary information about the particular song or album, try to talk to her.

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    Let the girl feel secure each time you look at her. Even the most emancipated feminist will be nice to you if the right approach is taken. Never come on too strong as it makes you look desperate. Just initiate a general conversation that is light and quite possibly funny as well.

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    Self belief is the key before thinking about busting a move on a girl regardless of your physical appearance, ethnicity and economic status. Be bold and confident, she must see you as a strong man, with whom she can be secure.

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    Buy flowers, gifts and give compliments. Girls like to feel unique and special as this is what awakens a feminine quality in them. Over time, she will look at you with admiring eyes.

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