How to Compromise With Your Spouse

In order to make a marriage work, learning to compromise is extremely important. There will be times when you do not agree with your spouse on something, or times when you do not approve of a certain thing that your spouse has done or said. However, nobody is perfect and things cannot always go the way you want them to go. You also need to understand that people change with the passage of time and therefore you should need to accept these changes. Once you learn to compromise and adapt to change, you will find your marriage strengthened.


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    Assuming things can be the gravest crime that you can commit in any relationship, especially marriage. You may have spent a lot of time to learn your partner before finally marrying them. However, people change with time, which is why you cannot afford to make assumptions on what they were like before and in the early days of marriage. Give your spouse space to change and they will definitely do the same to you.

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    Instead of calling the shots and telling your spouse what to do and what not to do, ask them to make the decisions. Discuss things with them and ask them for their opinions. When they are talking, pay attention to what they are saying. Listening actively will give them the encouragement to continue talking and fill them up with confidence. It is really tempting to be the one in control, but you need to understand that it is really damaging to your spouse. It can shatter their confidence. If you truly love your spouse, you would not want to make them a zombie or slave. Treat them as an equal and respect their right to make decisions and vocal their opinions.

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    If your spouse is treating you like a door-mat, hardly giving any importance to what you have to say or what you belief, then take a stand for yourself and speak up. Your spouse will continue to clobber your confidence until you ask them to stop. Do not hesitate to say what is in your mind. Husband and wife are a team, with both of them equally important and having an equal right of holding and voicing opinions. If any of them tries to strip the other of this right, the one losing their right should take a stand.

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    Understand that there is nothing wrong with compromising. There are times when it is best to let your spouse have their way. You surely want to see them happy and if letting them have their way in a certain situation is what makes them happy, so be it.

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