How to Help Your Wife Through Labor

Labor can be overwhelming and lengthy experience for a woman, especially for the first time. However, if her partner is besides her, he will not only help ease the pain but will also console her. Usually husbands believe that they have no role in labor but actually they have a vital role. They can play supportive role for their wives, eventually making the situation endurable.  A supportive partner can also give his wife comfort and lower the amount of stress.

Things Required:

– CD Players
– Pillows
– Breath Mints
– Massagers
– CDs
– Magazines
– Books
– Snacks
– Cards
– Portable DVD player
– Board Games


  • 1

    Do not panic

    You need to stay calm and not panic yourself after your wife is in this situation. You want to ease the stress on her and not increase. Be prepared to see all kind of body fluids and other things which comes out. In case you do not feel comfortable, it is advisable for you take nausea medication before entering the delivery room.

  • 2

    Distract your wife from painful contractions

    You need to divert your wife’s attention from the painful contractions to some other things. In order to do this, you can give books and magazines to her if she is in labor for several hours. You can even provide her a portable DVD inside the hospital so she can pass time. In addition to these, you can even play with her with cards or some board game.

  • 3

    Provide snacks and candies

    You should give your wife snacks in case she feels hungry during lengthy labor. In case her mouth gets dirty, you can provide her some chewing candies or even mints. Bring these items when you go to the hospital.

  • 4

    Acupressure points

    In order to relieve pains, you need to work on acupressure points. However, do practice on these procedures before birth.

  • 5

    Fulfil your wife needs

    You should help your wife taking deep breath and should encourage her when she is frightened. Give her massages if she require. You should also give your wife water and have a warm blanket in case your wife feels cold. Let her relax in a warm bath.

  • 6

    Make her feel special

    You need to forget about yourself and ignore if you are in vain such having backache or anything. Focus on your wife at this time and make her feel special. Be as much supportive as you can. Even if your wife yells at you or push you away, you should stay calm and be supportive.

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