How to make babies smile and laugh

When a baby laughs, giggles or smiles, the new parents find it extremely enjoyable. Babies start smiling and laughing once they are between the ages of five to seven weeks. They start laughing out loud once they are three months old. You can bring a smile to your baby’s face only by giving it time, playing with it and doing something that he/she really likes.


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    At first, make eye contact with the baby. Make sure that your baby is in a content mood, it is well-rested and not hungry. Make him/her lie down and stare right into his/her eyes.

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    Once you have established an eye contact with the baby, give him/her a broad smile.

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    While you are smiling, start talking to the baby in an engaging manner. The baby should understand that you are trying to talk to him/her and this will make him/her respond to whatever you have to say.

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    Start touching the baby’s toes and hold his/her hands. Move his/her feet and arms and keep talking with the baby. This is going to encourage your baby to pass on a smile. According to KidsHealth, the baby enjoys attention and whenever you try to interact with it, he/she will most definitely try to respond back. Therefore, keep smiling, talk to the baby and touch it so it can react to whatever you are doing.

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    Never lose the eye contact. It is extremely necessary. Your baby should know that you are trying to be in contact with only him/her and no one else. Keep a broad smile on your face.

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    Your baby will most probably react with a cooing or babbling sound. That is your cue. Start mimicking the baby. This means that you are initiating a conversation. You don’t know what the baby is trying to say, but the baby will definitely read what you have to say and it will make him/her laugh.

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    Playing games with your baby can also help you bond with him/her. Out of the several games which can be played with your baby, the most famous one is Peekaboo. You simply have to hide your face behind your hands and then move your hands away in order to surprise the little one. This game became even more famous after the release of the movie “Ice Age” where the lion does the same trick with the little kid.

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