How to Make a Firm Handshake

Handshaking with other people reflects a person’s sophistication, trust, confidence and pleasant mood. It also depicts a person’s ability to socialise with other people. In contrast, if you do not shake hands with the other person, it is considered quite rude, unpleasant and offensive. Centuries ago, shaking hands with other people was used as a tool to ensure that the both persons are unarmed and none of them are carrying any weapons but nowadays, it has become a norm to greet someone whole heartedly.


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    Be confident

    Some people face serious problems while shaking hand with others as they are not much of an extrovert and do not like socializing with other people. Nonetheless, there are plenty of reasons that explain why a person would be hesitant in shaking hand with the other. One of the most common reasons is that the other person’s have tough hands, which are hard to bear. For this, you should make sure that you have a firm grip on the hand of the other person and you will not feel any pain if he presses your hand.

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    Always greet with the right hand

    You should always greet a person with your right hand as it is considered a positive gesture. For this, whenever you face a person, you should extend your right arm towards him and he will extend his right hand to shake hand.

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    Thumb should be upwards

    After you have extended your right hand to greet a person, make sure that it is slightly downwards as this way both of you will be comfortable. In order to shake the hand firmly, you must ensure that your thumb is facing upwards. Keep in mind that this is one of the key points in shaking hands firmly.

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    Wrap your hand

    After the hands of both of you are placed properly, you must wrap your hand around the hand of the other person to firm your grip. The proper timing for this would be when your thumb joints with the thumb of the other person.

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    Firm your grip

    After you have wrapped your hand, you must make sure that the grip is firm and do not try to press the hand of the other person too hard.

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    Hold the hand for 3 seconds

    You must hold the hand firmly for almost three seconds and then loosen your grip to take off your hand.

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