Best way to define unconditional love

People find it hard to describe the true meaning of “unconditional love” and we can see why, it’s a tricky one to describe and you’re not alone. Let’s erase the confusion with simple steps below on exactly how you would describe unconditional love with relevant examples.


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    Firstly, Let’s look at the word “Love”

    If we describe the meaning of love, the first words that come to mind are “strong feelings and affection” “deep” and many more ways to describe love but these. All the describing words make it seem like its some sort of condition however look below for “unconditional”

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    What is the meaning of “Unconditional”

    It’s in the wording… there is no condition; it is without any condition or limitations.

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    Remember your definition of love is likely to be different to others

    Everyone has there own definition of love, you must accept that…. As they have felt different forms of love when compared to you, the best to describe unconditional love is “Love just is” no matter what the definition, the equation, it has no conditions whatsoever.

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