How to Fight Fair in Relationships

Relationships are not easy to manage and you need to have a lot of guts to manage one without fights and conflicts. But no relationship is without fighting, arguing, conflicts and stalemates. And it won’t be wrong to say that fights, conflicts and arguments go hand in hand with the relationships these days.

Relationships often fail because people do not know how to fight fair in a relationship. If not everyone, most of us can fight and argue in a relationship, but not many of them know how to fight fair in a relationship.


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    Since relationship is a sacred bond between two persons, you cannot expect to fight unfairly and make things alright. Yes, it is true that you cannot avoid fights in a relationship but what you can do is to sort things out. Sometime people prefer to stay away from all this but you cannot ignore conflicts all the time. No matter how much patience you have, there comes a time when you can no longer control your anger. That’s the point that harms a relationship more than anything else.

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    In order to keep your relationship working, you need to learn how to fight fair with your lover. And there are certain things that you need to keep in mind before starting a fight. First and most important thing is to keep it between you and your partner, plus keep it private. If you have children, do not do this in front of your children because this could affect your children to a great amount.

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    Secondly, stick to the point. Argue over the stuff that you think in the bone of the contention and do not argue over old things just for the sake of argument. Even if you don’t have enough words to defend yourself over the topic, stick to it no matter what and do not go for irrelevant confrontation because it will only harm your chances of settling the dispute and will leave you more frustrated than before.

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    Never ever assassinate the character of your partner. No matter how big the conflict is, you must not attack the character of your partner. Because it will not only make things work, your partner will start hating you for that and you will lose self respect.

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    Another thing that you need to keep in mind is the amount of time you are planning to take. And do not do all the talking and let your partner respond to your allegations at the end.

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